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Learning about our Christian faith – call it doing theology, if you like – changes us; learning to live that faith as the form of Christ in the world – you can call that ministry – changes both us and the world. At SEITE, we commit ourselves to providing theological education that equips men and women for the practical knowledge of God, the knowledge that changes things, that makes its mark. On our programmes, we have students preparing for ordained ministry or for licensed lay ministry, and students engaging with theology for their personal interest, discipleship or as part of a process of vocational discernment.

The quality of learning and community at SEITE is, I think, quite unusual; there is a distinct vitality, a readiness among students and staff for the exhilarating difficulties of Christian learning and formation. Students discover, too, a common life in which their learning is encouraged and supported so that the changes it brings, the challenges it poses, gladden the heart and move the will. The truth is that God grants us more than we expect of ourselves, and, thus surprising us, inspires us with hope for the world He loves. So, look around this website and look forward.

The Revd Dr Alan Gregory




If you wish to find out more about SEITE, meet the staff and students and talk with them about their experience of SEITE, you are welcome to attend one of our open evenings. These give you the opportunity to attend community worship and evening classes.

Our open evenings for the 2015-16 academic year will take place on the following dates from 5:30pm - 6:30pm with an option to join staff and students for worship and/or evening classes afterwards.  More>

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